One-to-One Classes

These classes may suit you better if you prefer a one-to-one session to address your own particular needs e.g. shoulder, neck, back issues, stiffness in joints and muscles, arthritis, stress and anxiety. Some people are not comfortable initially in a class environment because of particular health issues or, in some cases are unable to leave their home.

A series of one to one classes is a way of having your own specific needs addressed at a mutually convenient time and location. After an initial consultation, Clodagh will design a programme of classes to meet your personal needs.

‘I wholeheartedly endorse Satyananda Yoga and how it is taught by Clodagh.
Clodagh, to me, epitomises yoga. She has a calm and patient approach even with people, such as me, who are not well co-ordinated. During my one-to-one classes with Clodagh, in addition to the yoga postures, she taught breathing exercises and deep relaxation techniques that have been extremely helpful tools for me in a busy work environment. Satyananda Yoga has now become part of my daily routine.’
Eileen W., Cork

Helping with Serious illness

There is a perception that Yoga is something for active, fit and healthy people, but  this is not necessarily so! As well as managing the physical symptoms of serious illness, it is very important to have tools to manage its effects on the mind and emotions. This is where my “one-to-one” classes can be very beneficial with the emphasis on Satyananda Yoga breathing, deep relaxation and meditation practices.

I have seen the benefits of this, where patients enjoy the human interaction and sense of peace while following the guided breathing and relaxation practices. They in turn have the tools to use these practices on a daily basis to manage anxiety and to enhance their own healing process.

‘I really looked forward to each and every session with Clodagh, as she taught me relaxation techniques and ways of being present in the moment. Her gentleness and patience during those sessions helped give me inner peace when I needed it most. At the time, I had very little else going for me, as I battled terminal cancer and started on the long, slow path towards recovery, no doubt assisted by a positive frame of mind’.
Frank Dowling, Cork