Yoga in the Workplace

“I have been attending Clodagh’s lunchtime yoga classes as part of our well being programme at work for approximately six months now. I have learned many simple relaxation techniques that help me to remain calm and centred in the face of adversity. The main benefit of the techniques I have learned is that they can be utilised anywhere – at my desk in work, standing in a busy queue somewhere, whilst out walking, sitting at home or lying in bed to name but a few. Following a class, I feel refreshed and more aware of my body and mind. I find these classes invaluable and would recommend them to anyone”.
Fiona, Cork



My Yoga classes are designed to help businesses and individuals who may be seeking better wellbeing, both professionally and personally. I show how you can increase productivity, reduce stress and breathe easily with internationally recognised yoga practices.

These classes will provide positive benefits to employees in everyday life, both personally and professionally including:

* Increasing awareness and the ability to be present in the moment

* Simple relaxation techniques to help remain focused in challenging conditions/times of change

* Tools to manage stress: mentally, physically & emotionally


The simple tools I use to help create these benefits include:

* Postures: Seated/Standing/Lying (release tension, increase flexibility/muscle tone)

* Breathing Practices & Techniques (calming & increase awareness)

* Deep Relaxation & Rest (10 minutes equivalent of 40 minutes sleep)

* Short Meditations & Awareness Techniques (improve focus)


The classes are available for groups of various sizes and may be adapted to the needs of your organisation and the space available and include:

  • Mat Yoga
  • Desk Yoga


Let me know if you would like any additional information
on Yoga in the workplace class, to support your company