General Classes

‘As a teacher attending a weekly yoga class with Clodagh I find it helps me relax, unwind and return to class the following day positive and energized. What I find great is I can incorporate some of her breathing and stretching exercises into my daily life both at work and home. I highly recommend yoga with Clodagh. ‘~ Mary, Cork


My yoga classes are structured to give you tools to create a better work/life balance and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing. They are the Satyananda Yoga holistic and systematic style of teaching, to bring your mind, body and emotions back into a more natural balance and help:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve flexibility and muscle tone
  • Increase energy
  • Help manage a busy mind
  • Improve focus and creativity

The tools used to create these benefits are:


Postures are guided in a way to release tension and stiffness in the body and increase flexibility and muscle tone. In addition they very often have a corresponding effect mentally through mind/body connection.


Breathing practices

The breath is key to managing stress, and the breathing practices help calm anxieties and increase vitality in the body. A simple breath awareness practice is a perfect way of building awareness and “being present” when the mind is busy/difficult to focus on one thing!


Deep relaxation/Yoga Nidra

This can be translated “as sleep with full awareness”. This guided practice is a deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation, which helps stress and relieves tension. Fifteen minutes of this guided relaxation is the equivalent of 1 hours sleep.



Regular practice of meditation, helps build greater awareness, reduces stress and anxiety and calms a busy mind! The guided meditations include Body Stillness and Inner Silence practices.


“I really look forward to my weekly class with Clodagh, on leaving I’m always so refreshed and relaxed. Clodagh guides us in such a simple, calm and down to earth manner, while also allowing us to work at our own pace. My flexibility has improved hugely through yoga poses, while her breathing exercises and meditation have provided me with invaluable tools to reduce the day-to-day stresses in my life.”
~ Trish, Cork