Yoga with Clodagh and exploring the art of Satyananda Yoga has become a constant in my life. I look forward to every class and love the feeling of balance and positivity that comes with it. I leave each week with a clear mind and a happy body! I have gained so much, both physically and mentally, from Clodagh’s classes and find myself using these valuable tools in my everyday life; whether it be breathing exercises during a busy day at work, relaxation methods for a better sleep, or posture and stretching movements for a tired body. Clodagh is a wonderful teacher and guide and I couldn’t recommend her classes more highly.

~ Emma, Cork

I have attended different Yoga Classes over the past number of years. Then 3 – 4 years ago I picked up a flyer advertising Clodagh Kiely’s Satyananda yoga classes – I can only call each session ‘an experience’ of attending, listening to my body, calming my mind, in other words nourishing my body, mind and spirit. Being honest for me it’s more about the teacher than the content! Clodagh lives what she passes on. Thank you Clodagh.

~ Ann, Cork

I can recommend Clodagh’s Yoga class to anyone who has every thought ‘stop the world and let me off!’. Clodagh’s class is an oasis of calm in the middle of a busy week. The class is a mixture of postures, breathing, deep relaxation and meditation practices. The postures are gentle and non competitive. I have experienced neck and shoulder pain for years and now find that I get relief by practicing a combination of some of the appropriate postures and breathing practices at home. The breathing practices are very subtle and can be used at anytime, anywhere to relieve stress and anxiety.

Clodagh is very soft spoken and serene which helps to create a very relaxed atmosphere in the class.

~ Veronica, Cork

In a hectic world I was looking for a relaxing corner to just stop & quieten my mind for a while! As a beginner I was nervous but Clodagh eased this & I will be continuing my yoga classes after the summer.

~ Dionne O’Brien, Cork

Working full-time as well as managing a home and hectic personal life, I found myself constantly hurrying and living in the future, and seldom enjoying the moment.

Noticing an advert for Clodagh’s Satyananda yoga classes, it couldn’t have come to my attention at a more opportune moment. The first few classes were a little difficult with a racing mind but, I thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga poses and breathing techniques.

As the weeks passed, following Clodagh’s guidance, I built more awareness of my breathing and my thoughts. I learned how to focus on my breath and to have more control over my thoughts. In the workplace, it helps me retain focus, remain calm and choose whether or not to get involved in situations. It has taught me how to be present. In my personal life, it hasn’t changed the busyness of my life as such – but it has significantly changed the busyness of my mind. It has given me relaxation skills that I can use anywhere.

I have been living the benefits of Clodagh’s Satyananda Yoga classes for almost five years and can’t recommend it highly enough as a tremendous pathway to improved personal health and well-being.

~ Mary Malone, Cork

The reason I decided to take up yoga classes was to reduce stress and anxiety related to studying for the Leaving Certificate, and also as a form of physical movement to increase my muscle tone and flexibility. I am now finishing my degree in Occupational Therapy in UCC and this is now my 5th year with Clodagh.

The classes are relaxed and tailored to each student’s ability and needs. I found the postures very beneficial, to help release any tension or stiffness from sitting at my desk studying or from typing all day. The breathing practices help me feel calm, relaxed and focused. Clodagh’s gentle guidance has helped me to develop my meditation skills. After practicing a meditation, I feel like I am able to view situations or dilemmas (such as assignment deadlines or exams!) with a new-found focus. Finally, during the yoga nidra, I am able to totally relax my body, and totally empty my mind of any thoughts.

Clodagh’s style of teaching is so calm and evidence-based and this really suited me. I would definitely recommend Clodagh’s Yoga classes.

~ Katrina Murphy, Cork

Yoga has enhanced my life for the better. I am more in control of my emotions. The breathing techniques are very useful . I use them when I am stressed. I would recommend Satyananda Yoga.

~ Christine Gould, Cork

Like so many people today I live a busy life and whilst I strive to get the right work life balance, it doesn’t often work out that way. I decided to try Yoga, after suffering a number of health setbacks in the last 2 years, and I found Clodagh’s Satyananda Classes. I knew absolutely nothing about Satyananda yoga, so when I initially started the class, it was more about trying to get fit again but I actually found out through the class that what I needed was to get my mindset right. The class is an hour and a half which is perfect. Much of the class is given over to learning to calm your mind, to just stop, to be in the moment and to actually enjoy and appreciate the moment. I will be going back to the classes in September because I genuinely believe that if we can get our mindset right everything else will follow, and I have found myself putting into practice what I learnt in the classes, particularly when I start to stress out in work about things,

~ Deirdre, Cork

In 2014 I decided to try yoga because I found it hard to “switch off” and was experiencing some issues with my neck and arthritis/stiff joints aggravated by stress. Clodagh was recommended and I started with 1-1 sessions. I was a bit concerned that yoga was very physical and I might not be able to contort myself! Clodagh assured me that it was non-competitive and eased me gently into the process. I found the 1-1 sessions were a great way to start as Clodagh personalised the session. There was no pressure and I didn’t feel that I had to keep up with others. After a few weeks, I progressed to class and never looked back. I find that the gentle stretching is great for my joints and the class helps me to relax after work. Yoga with Clodagh has given me a much healthier attitude to daily life and I now do some yoga every morning. I highly recommend yoga with Clodagh and hate missing class.

~ Virginia Conrick, Cork